Detox Your Life Day 3

Half way through! Today is all about positivity!


Start by taking away outside sources of negativity, have a facebook friend who always post negative things? Get rid of them!

Know when to turn off the news, being informed is great but watching a long string of sad stories can be a hard way to start the morning.

Find your friends who always put a smile on your face and give them a call, learn to value the relationships that make life positive. Try being that positive person for someone else.


Focus on being positive all day, look at the positive side of any situation. Replace can’t with can, don’t with do, no with yes and won’t with will.

Have negative thoughts running through your head? Take a walk, do some yoga and listen to some upbeat music. Practice smiling, studies show a smile can trick the brain into being happy.


Can’t get that negativity to go away? Write it on a piece of paper and tear it up, what a great way to visualize getting rid of negativity.


Tomorrow when you wake up immediately think of 3 things you are grateful and use them as motivation for a positive day.

Want to take the extra step? Start a gratitude jar, if something great happens write it down and put it in the jar. They will be great ammo for busting out those negative days.

Detox Your Life Day 2

Todays challenge is decluttering, there are so many aspects of life that can be decluttered, here are a few options.

1) Your Closet


2) Your Makeup Bag


3) Your Inbox

Use folders! Mailstrom is a great tool to divide up messages but I personally use the Mailbox app on my phone to keep things organized. My favorite part? You can have the app remind you of the email at a later time.


4) The Fridge


5) Your Desk

Try a little DIY


6) Your Purse

Try out this organizer from theĀ container store


Detox Your Life Day 1

Today is the first day of the life detox! I am so excited to get started with you and hopefully in 5 short days we will be living a little bit better life.

Lets take time for ourselves to relax


Ideas for how to do that today:

  • meditate
    • there are some amazing apps for this, I personally enjoy finding new guided meditations on youtube
  • read
    • did you know reading for 6 minutes can lower your stress level by up to 2/3
  • play with your pet
  • breathe deeply
  • progressive relaxation
  • give yourself a hand massage
  • rub your foot over a golf ball
  • squeeze a stress ball
  • spend a little time with nature, let the sun shine on your face
  • stretch
  • journal
  • listen to your favorite song and do a little dance

Some ideas for keeping everyday life a little more relaxing

  • go to bed at the same time everyday
  • make time to spend with close friends
  • don’t say yes to every invite
  • find a relaxing space and make sure it stays decluttered and calming

How did day 1 go for you?

Detox Your Life

Exciting news, I’m leaving for the Florida Keys tomorrow (my birthday) to spend spring break down there, away from the snow, and do some major relaxing. While I’m there I’ll be relaxing and refreshing but for those at home I’ll be kicking off a 5 day life detox.

By Friday hopefully your life will be refreshed

I’ll go back to regular posting when I get home but if you liked this let me know in the comments!