Detox Your Life Day 1

Today is the first day of the life detox! I am so excited to get started with you and hopefully in 5 short days we will be living a little bit better life.

Lets take time for ourselves to relax


Ideas for how to do that today:

  • meditate
    • there are some amazing apps for this, I personally enjoy finding new guided meditations on youtube
  • read
    • did you know reading for 6 minutes can lower your stress level by up to 2/3
  • play with your pet
  • breathe deeply
  • progressive relaxation
  • give yourself a hand massage
  • rub your foot over a golf ball
  • squeeze a stress ball
  • spend a little time with nature, let the sun shine on your face
  • stretch
  • journal
  • listen to your favorite song and do a little dance

Some ideas for keeping everyday life a little more relaxing

  • go to bed at the same time everyday
  • make time to spend with close friends
  • don’t say yes to every invite
  • find a relaxing space and make sure it stays decluttered and calming

How did day 1 go for you?


Detox Your Life

Exciting news, I’m leaving for the Florida Keys tomorrow (my birthday) to spend spring break down there, away from the snow, and do some major relaxing. While I’m there I’ll be relaxing and refreshing but for those at home I’ll be kicking off a 5 day life detox.

By Friday hopefully your life will be refreshed

I’ll go back to regular posting when I get home but if you liked this let me know in the comments!

Open Tabs 3/4

1) Strangers Podcast

I listen to this every day on my commute, what a great insight into other peoples lives. Mind Shaft was a great insight into the mind of people with alzheimer’s that I can carry with me in my practice. If you like it, give it a five star review on iTunes.


2) Buzzfeed Butt and Core Challenge

This is a great challenge for beginners, they send me workouts daily that I like to do quickly before bed.


3) Sea Salt Hand Cream

Smells amazing, it goes on a little thick so if that bothers you try the soap or candle that smell equally amazing.


4) Leslie Knope Candle

With the series of Parks and Rec ending this candle is an excellent reminder to embody the greatness of Leslie Knope.


5) Hello Key Largo!

I’m heading south on Saturday for a week, can’t wait to be reminded of what grass looks like!


Good Karma Tuesday


Today’s way to do a little good is by doing what we do best, shopping!

Faucet Face


the proceeds get donated to the Third Millennium Awakening, a company that employs locals in India to create and distribute filters to provide clean drinking water.


Toms has branched out beyond their flagship shoes to coffee where every purchase goes toward water systems in the countries where coffee is made, sunglasses where every purchase goes toward sight saving surgery, prescription glasses or medical treatment and bags where every purchase goes toward skilled birth attendants and supplies to help women give birth safely.

TaupeSuedePerforatedWomenJuttiFlat-10004984-S-1450x1015-new RoastingCo-312x312 MarcoTortoise-White-LtBlue-S008-005-05-F_1450x1015

also check out the Marketplace where other charities sell their products, here are a few of my favorites:


The Company Store


For every comforter bought one is donated to a homeless child in the Unites States


Soap Box Soaps

For every bottle of liquid soap purchased one month of water is donated, for every bar of soap purchased one is donated and for every bottle of body wash purchased 1 year of free vitamins is donated.


In addition check out these companies:

two degrees– for every granola bar bought food is donated to a hungry child

out of printclothes and accessories featuring famous books, for every item bought a book is donated to a community in need

good spread-for every jar of peanut butter bought food designed to help severe acute malnutrition is donated

everything happy– the proceeds of pillows, blankets and soft toys purchased go towards donations to orphanages both in the US and abroad

smile squared– for every toothbrush sold one is donated to a child in need

baby teresa– for every baby outfit sold one is donated to a baby in need

bogo bowl– the same amount of pet food sold is donated to a shelter

warby parker– for every pair of eyeglasses purchased one is donated

yoobi– the same amount of office supplies purchased will be donated to a school in need

figs– for every pair scrubs purchased one is donated to a healthcare provider in a developing country

roma boots– for every pair of boots bought they will donate one filled with school supplies to a child in need

If you’re going to buy it anyway, why not donate while you shop?

Happy Shopping!

Paleo Frozen Foods

March is frozen food month, I normally don’t eat too much for frozen foods but it’s always great on a busy day to have dinner easy to cook without too much effort.

Freezer Smoothie Packs

What a great grab and go breakfast or snack! Here are 5 other recipe ideas to get the morning going quickly.


Spinach Cilantro Meatballs


Cilantro Lime Chicken


“Peanut Butter” and Jelly Ice Cream

Because who doesn’t need ice cream in the freezer?


And for my one store bought frozen food favorite from Trader Joes