Open Tabs

Hello world! Its been a long time and I will soon be posting an update on the exciting road my life has taken me down in the past year. In the mean time I’m gong to start with an open tabs post.

14 Days of Dares by Buzzfeed

What an exciting way to just step a pinky toe out of the usual daily routine! The other day I wore my hair parted on the other side and it felt so strange, I’m sure no one else even noticed but I was surprised how a small change can feel so big. Who has recommendations for a new perfume? I’m excited to try a new smell but the perfume section at Sephora can get overwhelming.

If anyone tries this challenge (even just a few days of it) please comment below with the new things you tried, maybe I’ll try them too.



Coast Waterproof Hooded Jacket

Last week Boston had some dreary rainy weather and I have a trip somewhere rainy planned and a boat trip planned (check back later for details!) so I’ve been searching for something cute and waterproof. Most functional rain jackets look very “outdoorsy” but I think I’ve found the perfect combination of function and style.



The Bachelorette Bracket

My BFF and I did this for Ben (not to brag but I won) and it ended up being really fun to root for our favorites week to week and see how close we are to guessing correctly. We watch the first night really closely (as closely as a few bottles of wine allow) and make the best guesses we can for the remainder of the season. If anyone is making let me know and we can see who gets the most points!



Dogeared Pearls of Success

It’s graduation season! This has been my go-to graduation gift for the year, its so pretty and simple…how can you go wrong?


and just this last little thought to carry with you throughout the week…




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