Detox Your Life Day 5

We’ve made it to the end of the detox and hopefully to a little bit better life. Take these small modifications and move forward to a detoxified life. Today we are finishing out the week with love your body day.


One of the main sources of stress, sadness and negativity in many peoples life is their body image.

Love yourself through food and exercise, throwing chemicals in your body will not make your body function at 100% leading to sickness and more body negativity. Love it with natural foods made with things you can pronounce, keep yourself hydrated and exercise it.

Treat yourself to good food and time at the gym. Treat yourself to workout clothes that make you want to workout.


Love your body by dressing it daily in clothes that make you look and feel good. Ill fitting clothes and clothes that show too much may draw focus in a negative way.

Focus on mentally loving your body, keep negative thoughts out of your mind and negative words off your lips.


Hope everyone is living a wonderfully detoxified life

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