Detox Your Life Day 1

Today is the first day of the life detox! I am so excited to get started with you and hopefully in 5 short days we will be living a little bit better life.

Lets take time for ourselves to relax


Ideas for how to do that today:

  • meditate
    • there are some amazing apps for this, I personally enjoy finding new guided meditations on youtube
  • read
    • did you know reading for 6 minutes can lower your stress level by up to 2/3
  • play with your pet
  • breathe deeply
  • progressive relaxation
  • give yourself a hand massage
  • rub your foot over a golf ball
  • squeeze a stress ball
  • spend a little time with nature, let the sun shine on your face
  • stretch
  • journal
  • listen to your favorite song and do a little dance

Some ideas for keeping everyday life a little more relaxing

  • go to bed at the same time everyday
  • make time to spend with close friends
  • don’t say yes to every invite
  • find a relaxing space and make sure it stays decluttered and calming

How did day 1 go for you?


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