One Month of Gratitude


It has been a whole month since I started this blog and it really has been amazing, thank you to everyone who read this! I started this blog because I was snowed in alone and needed something to do but it has turned into something that I enjoy every day. I had no idea blogging could be so gratifying.

In addition to this blog I also started an Instagram and have had an outpouring of support on that as well. I had no idea strangers could be so supportive and welcoming and that has made me so faithful in humanity, so again thank you all for that.

In the past 30 days I have written 46 posts and had views from 11 different countries from as far as Australia and South Korea, thinking I reached someone in another country much less 10 other countries has brightened my month immensely. On the days I post twice its because I have so many exciting things to share with you all and I have posted every day except one, Valentines Day.

It has been a very interesting experience learning what people react to most and to be honest, it was nothing like I expected. The posts I thought would hit it out of the park fell flat and sometimes the things people loved on instagram did not translate to views on the blog. Its been a month of learning to roll with the punches.

I am going to ask you all for a few favors after you have done so much for me; first, please tell your friends or share my site on your blogs or social media and second please comment and let me know what you would like to see on this site in the future. If you do either of those things I will be eternally grateful.

Sorry for the sappy and not at all exciting post but you all deserve some gratitude.



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