Good Karma Tuesday

Here are four free apps that raise money for charity while doing things that you normally do.


1) Feedie


For every food photo taken at a participating restaurant and shared via social media, 25 cents will be donated to the app’s nonprofit parent company, The Lunchbox Fund, which provides meals to students in rural South Africa.

2) Donate a Photo


Save the Children teamed up with Johnson & Johnson to create this app where $1 for every photo you share goes towards a resuscitation device to help newborns take their first breath. It only takes 6 photos to donate 1 device and you can donate up to one photo a day, and they will never be used for commercial purposes.

3) Charity Miles


Once you pick your charity and share your activity on social media Charity Miles will donate 10 cents per mile for biking and 25 cents per mile for walkers and runners.

4) Check In For Good


Its like foursquare but when you check-in at participating businesses, that business donates $1 to a cause of your choosing and in turn you get coupons and incentives to go back again. Win-win.


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