Paleo Lunar New Year Recipies

I know very little about Lunar New Year traditions so I decided to educate myself on another culture and have some yummy food while doing it.

1. Tangerines and Oranges
Displaying and eating these fruits is said to bring wealth and luck. The tradition stems from the fact that the Chinese words for gold and orange sound alike, while the word for tangerine sounds like luck.


Chocolate covered mandarines | Candied orange slices | Tangerine gummies |Orange cream truffles |Orange chicken

2) Long Leafy Greens and Long Beans
Leafy greens, such as Chinese broccoli, are served whole to wish a long life for parents.


bok choy | Chinese broccoli

3) Whole Chicken

When served whole the chicken symbolizes family reunion and unity.


Slow cooker whole chicken

4) Eggs

Eggs symbolize fertility and are commonly cooked in tea.


Chinese tea egg recipe

And one more just for fun

Snake treat 1

Fruit snake treat


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