Open Tabs 2/17

1) My most important and always open tab Classy Cavegirl; I recently passed 100 views and could not be more excited! I know it sounds like a minor achievement but I’m so excited a few of you care about my ramblings. I would love to hear from everyone about what you want to see on here. If any fellow bloggers are interested in writing a guest post I would be open to that as well as writing one for another blog. Thank you everyone for the amazing support, love you all!

2) Jamie Brewer on the Catwalk in NYFW

Carrie Hammer is such an amazing person for promoting the “Role Models Not Runway Models Campaign” and has included a woman in a wheelchair and a quadruple amputee on her runway in previous shows. How amazing would fashion week be if women of all types were on every runway.


3) Lemon Artichoke Pesto with Zucchini Noodles

Today is Ash Wednesday followed by 7 more meat fee fridays. With most of my diet consisting of meat it is going to be a great experience to branch out in remembrance of the 40 day fast.


4) Maple Snow Candy

Here in Boston we have our fair share of snow so might as well make the best of it at this point. Here is an easy DIY to turn some of the piles of snow into something useful.


5) With all this great snow the best way to utilize it is a trip to the mountain! Here is a great workout for in between ski trips to stay strong. I love that it has options for all levels.



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