How to make lunch more eco-friendly

I’m sure most of my fellow cavegirls choose to pack a lunch most days too and something I struggle with is now to reduce my waste.

I am currently in the process of getting rid of plastic bags and switching to fabric. I cut up vegetables at the beginning of the week and pack them into individual bags but it kills me to look at the waste I produce so I am in the process of switching but considering the amount of bags I use in a week it is going to require a pretty large stockpile to go completely without plastic.  Here are some with an adorable print from Bed, Bath & Beyond.


This pop up silicone container is perfect for the afternoon commute. After eating everything folds flat for that crowded train ride home. Bonus: built in utensil saves the plastic.


I love my freezable container! It saves so much room when packing a lunchbox when I can’t be near a fridge. I have this exact container and the three compartments fit the perfect amount of everything and the plastic utensils are so eco-friendly.


Bento boxes are currently so trendy. this three compartment option has great options for snacking and various lunches.


Speaking of lunch boxes, here is the one that I use. It is neoprene so it stretches around the oddest shapes and fits an amazing amount of stuff without ever releasing condensation or drips.


Something I always covet and am too afraid to try is glass food storage. I am usually a little rough with my lunch box and the last thing I want is glass shards and smushed food inside. But when I am ready to make the leap, how pretty are these?


What are your favorite lunch essentials?


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