Open Tabs 2/4

Whats open in my browser this week?

1) Red Wine Chocolate Truffles

How great is having the option to drink and eat red wine at the same time, especially when chocolate is involved. These are the perfect Valentines day treats.

Processed with VSCOcam

2) Surfset Fitness

Surfing ability or not this makes a workout feel fun and pass quickly. There are classes all over the world that you can locate on the website or if you prefer to workout at home the boards are available to order and can be used with the videos also posted on the website.

-Maybe doing this will inspire me to finally try surfing this summer!


3) Juice Extractor

I’m dying to start juicing so I’ve been comparing juicers all over the internet for something thats reliable and easy to clean.



What an awesome yoga perspective, great to think about when working on alignment.

5) Healthy Fruit Snacks

These fruit snacks look so easy, next time I’m at Starbucks (s0 tomorrow) I’m going to pick up a bottle of evolve juice and make these.


Have a classy week


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