Paleo Superbowl Appetizers


Alright, lets start with a confession; whenever I bring food to someone else’s house or to an event I start stressing about it like a week in advance. I really want to share something delicious and paleo but I know almost everyone else there is bringing and expecting to eat foods with gluten and dairy ect.. So this weeks frenzy is what to bring to a friends house who is hosting a Superbowl party.

Here are a few of my top contenders, if you are looking for another vegetarian option check back to Thursday’s post here for the buffalo cauliflower.

Skirt Steak Skewers


Buffalo Chicken Ranch Meatballs


Shrimp and Spanish Chorizo Bites


Sweet Potato Bruschetta


I still have no idea what to choose, I’m hoping I’ll have a divine intervention in the grocery store that will lead me in the right direction.

And for everyone who was wondering about deflate gate….here is the answer

Go Pats!


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