A Little Life Update

So where has my life taken me in the past year? It’s been a wonderful year and I’m so excited to share.


So I last left off when I was on my way to the Florida Keys. The Keys are my favorite place to visit and the trip was amazing. It’s nice and warm and Key West might be my absolute favorite place I’ve been to thus far. The people down there are so nice and the lifestyle is so relaxing.

I stared my summer with a quick trip to Charleston, SC. The shopping is great and the food is AMAZING. The flights are direct, quick and easy and I didn’t even rent a car because we stayed at a beautiful inn right in town and walked to everything (there also is a free trolley.) One thing I wish had known beforehand is that reservations fill up quickly so making them a month in advance is a must.


Over the winter I went to Bonaire for the first time and it was an amazing adventure I can not recommend it highly enough. It’s a small island in the Dutch Antilles known for diving, everyone is beyond nice, the weather is amazing and the food was delicious.

I’ve also made a few stops around New England that I’ll be sharing more in-depth shortly.

And my future travel within the next month includes Nantucket for Figawi and London. If you have any London recommendations, post below.

image1 (1)

Here’s an embarrassing picture from my last trip to London in highschool

I’m going to share more from each trip about where we stayed and ate and what we did.


It’s over! I’ve finally graduated with my doctorate in pharmacy.



I’ve taken a job as a community pharmacist and I’m planning a move in the next couple months. Expect a lot of home inspiration coming this way.


So that’s whats new and exciting in my life!

Open Tabs

Hello world! Its been a long time and I will soon be posting an update on the exciting road my life has taken me down in the past year. In the mean time I’m gong to start with an open tabs post.

14 Days of Dares by Buzzfeed

What an exciting way to just step a pinky toe out of the usual daily routine! The other day I wore my hair parted on the other side and it felt so strange, I’m sure no one else even noticed but I was surprised how a small change can feel so big. Who has recommendations for a new perfume? I’m excited to try a new smell but the perfume section at Sephora can get overwhelming.

If anyone tries this challenge (even just a few days of it) please comment below with the new things you tried, maybe I’ll try them too.



Coast Waterproof Hooded Jacket

Last week Boston had some dreary rainy weather and I have a trip somewhere rainy planned and a boat trip planned (check back later for details!) so I’ve been searching for something cute and waterproof. Most functional rain jackets look very “outdoorsy” but I think I’ve found the perfect combination of function and style.



The Bachelorette Bracket

My BFF and I did this for Ben (not to brag but I won) and it ended up being really fun to root for our favorites week to week and see how close we are to guessing correctly. We watch the first night really closely (as closely as a few bottles of wine allow) and make the best guesses we can for the remainder of the season. If anyone is making let me know and we can see who gets the most points!



Dogeared Pearls of Success

It’s graduation season! This has been my go-to graduation gift for the year, its so pretty and simple…how can you go wrong?


and just this last little thought to carry with you throughout the week…




Detox Your Life Day 5

We’ve made it to the end of the detox and hopefully to a little bit better life. Take these small modifications and move forward to a detoxified life. Today we are finishing out the week with love your body day.


One of the main sources of stress, sadness and negativity in many peoples life is their body image.

Love yourself through food and exercise, throwing chemicals in your body will not make your body function at 100% leading to sickness and more body negativity. Love it with natural foods made with things you can pronounce, keep yourself hydrated and exercise it.

Treat yourself to good food and time at the gym. Treat yourself to workout clothes that make you want to workout.


Love your body by dressing it daily in clothes that make you look and feel good. Ill fitting clothes and clothes that show too much may draw focus in a negative way.

Focus on mentally loving your body, keep negative thoughts out of your mind and negative words off your lips.


Hope everyone is living a wonderfully detoxified life

Detox Your Life Day 4

Today is the day to detox yourself from electronics.


Start by making it less tempting to use your phone, turn off push notifications and unsubscribe from junk mail (try using unroll.me) Learn how to turn on ‘do not disturb’ mode.

Then spend less time physically with your phone

  • leave your phone at home or in the car when you go out to dinner
  • move your charger out of your bedroom

If email is what draws you in try setting an out of office message when you are away from your desk.

Redirect by trying to immerse yourself in a book instead of social media.

Download an app that tracks your phone usage so you can be realistic about your usage, try using Moment. The results will surprise you. Think of more fulfilling ways to use all that time spent on your phone.